Why Carpet is the absolute best flooring for your home

Why Carpet is the absolute best flooring for your home.

If you have carpet in your home, you will know that it has countless benefits. Not only is it cozy, comfortable and great to look at, but it also creates an inviting feel to your home. This article will discuss why carpet is the absolute best flooring for your home.

Great for kids.

With hardwood or tile flooring in your home, your infant children are likely to injure themselves much more when falling. Carpet creates a much softer landing and also gives them a built-in and gentle play mat when learning to crawl, walk and play with their toys.

Gentle and comfortable.

The acoustics in a home with hardwood or tile floors is terrible, but with carpet the sound is absorbed much more effectively, making it a gentle and comforting environment when listening to music or watching TV.

Carpet also absorbs footsteps and, unlike wooden flooring, will not make a clunking sound each time you walk from one room to the next. This is especially useful late at night when others in your home are trying to sleep!

Stylish and elegant.

Many folks believe that tiles or wood are cutting edge in terms of home decor, but did you know that carpet actually comes in a much wider variety of colors, hues and textures? This means that you can cherry pick the exact color carpet for your home’s look and it will look fantastic!

Most people tend to replace their flooring eery 15 to 20 years and carpet is hands-down the cheaper option when it comes to replacement.

Insulates your home more effectively.

A home with tiles or hardwood flooring is definitely not as insulated as one that has carpeting. Whatever the season, carpet is much more effective at providing insulation for your home and this is due to the padding underneath your layer of carpet. With carpet, you will see a pleasing reduction in your heating bills during the colder months, making it ideal if you are trying to save money.

The padding effect of carpet in your home makes it warm to begin with and prevents the dreaded cold feet on a winter’s morning!

Carpet can be just as good as hardwood or tiled flooring for allergy sufferers.

Many folks believe that hardwood or tiled flooring is the better option for allergy sufferers. While this does have a grain of truth to it, if you use a good quality vacuum cleaner and you maintain your carpets well, they should be no less healthier for allergy sufferers than their harder counterparts. Regular vacuuming will remove any embedded dust, dirt or grime particles from your carpet.

With hardwood floors, you are more likely to have dust in the air as it gets tossed up whenever someone walks over it.

We recommend an annual deep carpet cleaning to keep your carpets spotless and in tip-top shape.

It can be half the cost of hardwood flooring to install.

Replacing the flooring in your home, whether with carpet, tiles, parquet or hardwood, is always a costly affair. However, carpet is definitely the cheaper option of all and it almost always comes in at least half the cost of hardwood, even with the best quality carpeting!

Hardwood floors are more likely to suffer permanent damage.
Wood floor damage due to high traffic

Another mistaken belief is that it is easy to cause permanent damage to carpeting through stubborn stains, the effect of pet claws or snags. However, if your carpets are of a decent quality, it should be very easy to mitigate damage.

Hardwood floors, on the other hand, will suffer permanent and irreversible damage if something heavy is dropped or there is constant traffic from high heels.

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