What are the benefits of carpet protector?

What is a stain guard ? Why do I need a protector like this? well because life happens.

Many types of carpet come with a stain guard from 3m called scotch guard right out of the factory. Maybe you have noticed after installing new carpet in your home it looked great for a long time and then eventually got dirtier quicker. Thats because this protective coating wears off over time and needs to be reapplied.

It might be a glass of wine that spills on the carpet or maybe the kiddos decided they want to eat cheesy macaroni on the floor instead of the bowl. Either way, nobody is perfect and stains happen. Here is the the solution.

Here are 2 pictures of the same type of stain.

Stain soaks right through the carpet ( No stain protector)

Stains sit on top of the carpet and do not soak in ( stain protector applied)

Now not all types of carpet allow for the staining to sit on top vs soak through, but here is where the real magic kicks in. If a stain guard is applied to the carpet, even very soiled carpets can come clean like new with a professional cleaning.

So why spend the extra money to have it applied after a cleaning ? Well we have found that applying a stain guard can more than double the life of your carpets saving you many thousands of dollars in premature replacement, not to mention keeping your carpets cleaner longer!

Here is a video showing a REAL LIFE EXAMPLE of carpet protector applied. Its pretty amazing. - Here are 2 pieces of carpet . one that was treated with a stain guard and one has not been treated. we add red dye and get going ! 

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