Stain free Carpet is still disgusting... find out why!

No stains in your carpet? Find out what’s lurking beneath.

When we talk to our customers about maintaining their carpets throughout the year, some people are surprised when we recommend getting your carpet cleaned on a quarterly basis. 
The first time we work with customers they typically call us because they have stains. 
Stains…you know them, I know them, they come in all shapes and sizes, colors and smells!
But, what if you don’t have them? Stains, or spots, or colors and smells…

Why it’s important to clean carpet that looks clean. 

Carpet is essentially a sponge. Especially since underneath the carpet is carpet pad… which is quite literally a sponge! 
Your carpet filters 90% of air in your home. Which means it’s not only absorbing whatever comes into physical contact via feet, shoes, pets, indoor scooters and segways galore! It’s also coming into contact with airborne particles, and holding onto these particles. Think everything from, dust, to pollen, to pet dander to name a few.
If you have allergies, or young children - this should be ringing some bells for you. Your carpet may be harboring that pollen that makes your sinuses go crazy, or the accident that Roco had last week, that you thought you cleaned up, might be reabsorbing from the pad into the carpet and making your little bambino sick when they are crawling around on the floor or taking their first steps. Not ideal I think. 

Cleaning your carpets not only makes them look and smell nice, but it removes all this gunk and buildup, making your home safer and cleaner. That’s the easy one. 

But here’s the real kicker - maybe your ok with the all that nonsense hiding in your carpet. What you can’t see can’t hurt you right? 
Perhaps… but unless you feel like replacing your carpet early, we need to talk about fiber damage.
Fiber Damage, in short… the longer you wait to clean your carpets, the more particle buildup you’ll have in your carpet. When this happens it physically starts to scratch the surface of the carpet, and it will start to remove the coloring. What does this mean for you? No matter how clean your carpet is, you’ll always have wear spots, that typically look darkened and worn. We see this A LOT in high traffic areas of the home; think entry ways, in front of the couch, places where multiple people walk multiple times a day. Unfortunately, once fiber damage is there, you can’t reverse it. 

All that dirt, and sand, and dust, acts like microscopic sandpaper and sands the living daylight out of the carpet fibers. The more you walk on it, the more it breaks it down. If you want to keep your carpet looking better longer, with the added benefits of having it sanitized and cleaned you’ll want to consider regular cleanings. ‍

In this video Nate “get’s -twerk” and talks about fiber damage, the CRB, and you can even see what he extracted from this carpet that had zero spot stains!


See you soon!

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