Robot Vacuum or old fashion oreck ? What is best


Robot vacuum and traditional vacuum cleaner have both had to perform their share of work of removing dust and dirt from carpet floors and other types of surfaces. The dirt is later collected by either a dust bag or a cyclone for later disposal. Vacuuming of a floor can be done by either efficiently however, in comparing both, you can slightly prefer one to the other depending on the type of floor or surface and the environment to be cleaned.

Robot vacuum are powered by batteries to wok continuously on vacuuming and cleaning your floors without any supervisions. It is design so that the batteries powers both the motor to drive the wheels, delivers the suction and spins the side brush or brushes. The self-driving robot vacuums avoids obstacles by radio frequencies or infra-red rays to send and receive signals, so that they can avoid obstacles. The automatic controls of the robot vacuums makes it easier to use within a living space and without human interventions.

Traditional vacuums are more common in household cleaning and vacuuming. Since vacuum cleaner first saw wide adoption, the traditional vacuums have been more common. One Example of this traditional vacuum cleaner is the upright vacuum cleaner model.  The motors are attached to the suction head and the suction head does vacuuming as it is pushed along the floor by the user. The traditional vacuuming are manually operated.

Comparing both vacuuming types.

Cost; the robot vacuum is more automatically built and is more expensive than a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Maneuverability: the robot vacuum cleaner can move in a smaller places with any human intervention. Its ability to detect obstacles helps it cover areas of small spaces. Traditional vacuum cleaner can however, work in a cluster environment which s robot vacuum cleaner cannot operate best in.

Cleaning Area; the traditional vacuum cleaner has a wider range area of cleaning compared to its robotic counterpart. Even though they both doe vacuum, the traditional vacuum cleaner has a wider vacuum head for cleaning.

Noisy and Operation; traditional vacuum cleaners have little sound insulators and as such produces much noise when been used.

The comparisons shows both the pros and cons of the robot vacuum cleaner and traditional vacuum cleaner. Each carries out its vacuum/ cleaning operations, well based on where you use them. Robot vacuum cleaners works best in a cluster free open space.

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