Maintain your Upholstery like a PRO 😎

How to Maintain your Upholstery.

We have all been there. You have a new and incredibly stylish fabric sofa that you have been admiring in your home for a few weeks until the first stain appears. There is nothing worse than the feeling of disappointment and frustration when someone inadvertently spills something or stains your new upholstery! - Worst Feeling Ever!

Luckily, we have some great tips for you on how to maintain your upholstery and treat stains so that your upholstery can stand up to even the messiest of kids and pets! Let’s take a look…

Regular maintenance is key.

Fabric sofas are very comfortable, soft and fashionable but they do require regular maintenance. This is because, over time, dirt and dust accumulates in the fibers below the surface and it will eventually cause the sofa look dirty.

We recommend vacuuming your sofa (with the brush attachment) at least once every two weeks to remove any dust or dirt particles. Being gentle is vital as you do not want to damage the delicate fibers.

A quick and gentle clean is also important every two weeks and this should involve carefully wiping any stains or marks with a slightly damp cloth. You may also want to consider using a mild fabric cleaning product with a tiny amount of water to keep your upholstery looking as good as new. Integrity Cleaning would be happy to recommend a fabric cleaning product that would be suitable for your particular upholstery. Make sure that you allow your upholstery to dry fully before using it so that lines or creases don’t occur.

Follow the directions of your upholstery’s label.

If you are lucky enough to have a sofa with removable covers, this makes the cleaning process much easier. These can be machine washed according to the instructions on the label (however, some sofa covers require hand washing or dry cleaning). As with all upholstery, allow the sofa covers to dry fully before use.

Velvet upholstery requires an extra step.

Velvet upholstery has a wonderfully lush and soft look and feel to it. To keep your velvet upholstery looking brand new, we recommend gently going over the surface with a velvet or clothes brush. This helps to maintain the shape of the fibers over time and the best time for this task is right after you have vacuumed or cleaned the velvet upholstery.

Treating the dreaded upholstery stains and marks.

Stains and marks are an inevitable part of being a sofa, carpet or drapes owner! Oftentimes, they cannot be avoided, no matter how careful you are. The good news is that there are some great stain removal tips out there but the most important thing to remember is to act quickly! The longer you wait, the more likely it will be that the stain will become embedded into the fibers.

For liquid stains, try and mop up as much of it as possible (and as fast as possible). Kitchen towel is a great tool for this but an absorbent, dry cloth works just as well. Simply place the kitchen towel over the stained area and gently pat to remove excess liquid. Then, you will need to gently blot the surface until most of the stain evidence has disappeared.

Of course, sometimes a stain will go unnoticed, making it impossible for you to react quick enough. Luckily, it is still possible to treat such stains. A solution of a quart of cold water, a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid plus a tablespoon of white vinegar is ideal. You would need to immerser a soft cloth in this solution and then gently blot at the stain until it starts disappear.

Water marks on upholstery can easily be removed by lightly misting the surface with a mixture of 2 cups of cold water and half a cup of white vinegar and carefully blotting at the stain with a soft, microfiber cloth. Stubborn water stains can be removed with a little hydrogen peroxide (but always check with the label on your upholstery to ensure that it is safe to do so). Simply mist a small amount of hydrogen peroxide onto the stain, blot with a piece of kitchen towel and allow to dry.

Deep clean  upholstery every  year.

No matter how much you maintain and care for your upholstery, it will require a deeper cleaning. Professional cleaning is a highly effective way to remove embedded dirt, grime and dust and if you would like this to be done in a professional way, we at Integrity Cleaning would be happy to help!

Regular maintenance and care of your upholstery can add several years to its lifespan. For only about half an hour of care every week, your upholstery will look as good as new, and for as long as possible!

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