Its Flu season how do I stay healthy?


Flu is a respiratory illness caused by a virus, highly contagious and is normally spread by coughs and sneezes of an infected person. There are several symptoms of flu, ranging from a cold, blocked nose, a sore throat, cough etc. there are several methods to prevent flu, however, taking of antibiotics have been found not been able to treat a flu.

The following methods are key to surviving a flu.

  • Get Vaccinated

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the single best way to prevent getting the flu is to get a flu shot each year. Flu vaccination can be an effective means of preventing infection, particularly for those over 65, pregnant women, and anyone with a compromised immune system. The best time for vaccination is in early autumn when the flu season starts and supplies of the vaccine are more readily available.

  • Avoid stress

Stress has a way of slowing down the body reactions to combat diseases. Studies show that stress hampers your ability to stay healthy, especially during common cold and flu season, so anything you can do to combat stress helps fight germs.

  • Eat right and exercise.

Nutritious foods, such as a healthy variety of fruits and vegetables as part of a balanced diet, give the body the nutrients it needs. Also, physical activity may help. Washing of hands. And talk to your children about why it’s important to wash theirs. A typical hand washing before a meal, after going to the bathroom, or anytime you cough, sneeze, or blow your nose is highly important.

  • Avoid places of high flu contraction.

To survive the flu season, always stay away from places where you would easily get a flu. That’s one strategy that would ensure you don’t get it. Always wash hands both after and before meals, after coming in from a visit, using the closet etc. these measure will help you survive and stay strong during the flu period.

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