Is your carpet making you sick?


Your carpets is meant to give a nice overlook to your room, offices and anywhere you chose to use them. It provides good colors and comfort. However it requires proper maintenance and cleaning. Different things spring up from a dirty carpet which has not been properly cleaned. Professional cleaning of the carpets on a regular basis of 6 months, will help remove deep dirt. Dirt that are stocked in deep into the carpet would only be removed by professional cleaning; therefore to prevent deep dirt in the carpet professional cleaning is required.  However, you carpet May make you feel sick, but how do you know this? Well, it may be mold. Mold are organisms that grow in damp areas, and they may be underneath up carpet.

A properly cleaned and maintenance carpet does not have dirt and mold. Molds growth in carpet causes various human hazards and allergies. Examples of these are breathing problems, asthma, sneezing and fatigue. So when experiencing any these frequently, then a source of the sickness maybe the carpet. An immediate check and replacement should be carried out on the carpets. Signs that mold are on the carpets includes, identification of different spot colors on the carpet, damp carpets, and also musty odors. This makes the user or occupant of the spaces the carpet is used experience signs of sickness and allergies.

Once this symptoms are observed, a professional cleaning of the carpet is of the carpet is advised. Further actions may be taken, like replacement of the carpet etc.

To avoid further cases of experiencing sickness from dirt carpets and avoiding molds, the following actions should be ensured;

  • Clean up properly every dirt.
  • Dry up carpet properly when carrying out a DIY cleaning
  • Carry out professional cleaning every 6 months on your carpets.
  • Ensure proper ventilation of your rooms.

All these will ensure that mold doesn’t show up on your carpets and it will definitely reduce cases of sickness from carpets.

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