How long should it take my carpet to dry?

A question we get asked all the time! How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

We get it, you want to put your house back together as soon as possible, and if you’ve ever rented one of those do-it-yourself at home machines, it may have taken your carpets a week to dry, and by that time the mildew set in. Not what you want!

When you get your carpets professionally cleaned, the carpets should typically be dry within the day, or maybe overnight. But, that’s not always the case!

What factors affect the dry time?

  1. What type of carpet do you have? Is it thick, is it thin, is it dense, is it tall or short pile?
  2. What is the temperature and humidity that day?
  3. How much airflow do you have?
  4. What kind of stains were removed? Different tools and amounts of water vary, depending on what type of cleaning or stain removal we’re doing.

Integrity Cleaning uses a top of the line, truck mounted system. Our machine super heats the water we are using to the temperature that is specific for your type of carpet, and type of stain removal.

1. Carpet Type: Let’s say you have carpet like you see in the video, really short  - well this allows for the cleaning wand to really lock and load the suction, and remove most of the water that was used during cleaning, allowing for faster dry times!

2. Temperature: If it’s a really cold day, thats going to cool down the water coming from the machine and the cooler the water, the longer it can take to dry. If it’s a really warm day, thats going to help pull the moisture out of your carpet faster.

3. Airflow: The more airflow the faster the dry time. This could range from opening doors and windows to get air moving, to ceiling fans, to running the fan on your heating/cooling system.

4. Type of Cleaning: The deeper and dirty the stain… the more water we use to get it clean. For example, if we’re removing urine, we’d use a subsurface tool that actually flushes the urine out of the pad and carpet. This is a multi step process that uses a fair amount of water! This would be an instance where you’d want to increase airflow to help the carpet dry faster.

If you’re curious about your dry time at your appointment, don’t worry we will be able to let you know for your specific carpet situation what your dry time will look like! Call or book online at

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