How do you keep your carpet clean with pets?

Keeping your carpets clean with pets

If you have a cat or dog, sometimes our furry babies cause messes. From dirt and mud to chewing furniture and carpet. Lots to think about with pets!

Here some some basic tips to help!

1st - Simply wipe of paws! As a dog owner too, going in and out often, sometimes I just don’t do it and then regret it when I see the dirt on the floors! Ha We like to keep a towel by the sliding glass door just so its there and we don’t have to think about it. Eventually your pup will know thats procedure and will wait for you to wipe their paws when they come in. If you have a cat - good luck.

2nd - Consider adding a runner to the entry where the pets come in and out. Sometimes a runner is a good idea. You can put it in the washer and dryer when it gets dirty or have us clean it for you. (if you live in Vancouver, camas, washougal, battle ground or ridgefield, we can help!) Either way, you protect your investment . The cost of new carpet in a room could be thousands compared to a runner being under $100.

3rd - Use an encapsulant spot remover. You can get them at your local home depot. Like Folex. If not we have our own specially formulated cleaner called SPOT OUT that comes free with every carpet cleaning. Keep it next to your towel for quick clean ups.

Here is the video of our spot remover

4th - Vacuum frequently, like A LOT. Over 90% of what is on your carpet is dry soil. Not only is it healthy to vacuum a lot, it will help your carpet stay clean longer.

So you have any tips for keeping your carpets clean with pets?

As always, if you live in clark county. Vancouver, camas, ridgefield, washougal, battle ground or hockinson, we've got you covered for carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning.

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