How do we professionally clean pet urine?

I mentioned in the earlier blog how to clean up pet urine at home.

Since we have some seriously amazing equipment and top of the line cleaning solutions, we can clean urine with NEXT LEVEL Cleaning skills.

Here is how we do it.

1st  - We identify if the urine is from a dog or cat. Cat urine has a much higher potency vs dog urine. There are a couple levels of cleaning products we can use based on the odor.

2nd - We need to make sure we know what type of carpet we are cleaning - Natural or synthetic fibers need to be treated differently. Here in the great pacific northwest or at least Vancouver area,  We have a lot of nylon and polyester carpet which can be treated with an oxidizer or or an enzyme product.

3rd - We scrub the the stained area with our counter rotating brush device. Here is a video of the machine below.

4th - This is when we use our subsurface cleaning device to flush out the urine and cleaning product from even below the carpet itself! After this we repeat he process over again until its at its best in can be!

Here is a video of that device below. In the video, we are removing wax from the carpet but its the same machine and process.

If you have any questions about the process or need to schedule online, call us at 360-712-0028 or book an appointment here. BOOK ONLINE

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