How do I take care of my rugs?


Rugs warm and add color, pattern, and texture to a room. The aesthetic aura it provides to a room is the reason why most people prefer it. You can easily change a room's look and feel from one season to another by replacing the rug. But one of the headaches that comes with owning a rug is maintenance. These rugs are very hard to maintain due to the size and the thick materials they are most times made from. Washing and maintain a rug could prove to be a Herculean task, this is the main reason why most people shy away from purchasing rugs.

While some rug owners have an in-depth knowledge on how to maintain their rugs, others don't. Maintaining a rug is quite different from maintain a carpet or other floorings.

Some rugs tend to trap dust due to their fluffy, or rather, bushy nature. In getting rid of this trapped dust and particles, one needs to adopt special methods.

  Below are some maintenance tips to keep that rug of yours fresh and in good shape.

  • Pet concern:

When pet hair accumulate on a rug, brush the rug vigorously with a stiff cloth brush or utility brush. You could also attack pet stains with a commercial enzymatic cleaner to get rid of the stains and odor.

  • Dry wet rugs:

  Hang wet rugs over a cloth drying rack, a slatted picnic table or several bricks stacked on a porch,paito or breeze way. Do not hang a wet rugs over a single clothesline because doing this will distort the shape.

  • Washing rugs:

If your rug is small and the label reads “Machine washable," shake the rug outside first then wash using a washing machine.

  • Rotation:

To insure even wear, your rug should be rotated once in a year. The rotation may vary from six months to three years.

  • Vacuuming:  

Rugs like Oriental rugs should be vacuumed on a regular basis.

  • Padding:

Providing quality pad under your rug helps protect it from dirt and moist that emanates from the cold floor.

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