Cleaning Pet urine at home

There are a few ways you can tackle pet urine in the carpet. I'll make sure to go over them in this post.

We also posted a video at the bottom of the blog with more info

When treating a pet urine spot its important to use the right cleaning solutions. If you use the wrong one, or too much of one solution, it can permanently damage the carpet and prevent the urine from lifting out of the carpet.

Step 1 - If you see the stain fresh or watch it in action, grab a white towel/cloth and blot up the urine until nothing else comes up. The faster the better, so you are really lucky if you see it happen! ha Then if you have a shop vac, you can use that to pull as much as possible out of the carpet/pad. If you dont have a shop vac, you can get one here Find a shop Vac. You can type in your Vancouver zip code and it will tell you where you can buy or rent one.

Step 2 - This part is important. use 1-2 drops of liquid dish detergent with 1.5 cups of water mixed. You can put this into a spray bottle and spray it on the spot directly. It's important to not use laundry detergent or any other soaps. They may have a form of bleach or even an oxidizer which can cause discoloration in your carpet. (yes that means no oxi clean)

Step 3 - Then use the towel blotting method and shop vac all over again. The important thing to do is keep repeating this as necessary. The longer the urine is there, the harder it will be to remove. In many cases. the urine can be permanent if it is there too long.

We will post another blog here soon on our process to professionally remove the carpet with our equipment and cleaning solutions. If you are having trouble removing the pet urine, We are always happy to come clean your home anytime. You can book an appointment right here . BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT - Remember, we don't charge extra for pet urine, we are a flat rate cleaning company serving all of clark county (Vancouver, Ridgefield, camas, Washougal, Battle Ground, Hockinson)

Here is a video with more info on the subject

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