5 absolute germ hotspots to take care of ASAP

We all know we are surrounded by billions of germs and you are right, its gross.

Here are some great spots to clean more often than we all do.

1) Behind the stove and refrigerator. Think about this one, when was the last time you pulled those out? I honestly don't think we ever have moved them and we have lived in our house over a year! (I suppose I better get to it!)

2) Curtains - These ones are tough, not all curtains will fit in your washer and dryer and they might not be machine washable. If not, check with your local dry cleaners, they can typically take care of them for you.

3) Carpets/rugs - Carpet is known for having large amounts of dust in them without being noticeable. Think about how fast a bookshelf develops dust? Fast right? you just don't notice it nearly as quick. make sure to add vacuuming to the schedule regularly as well as professional cleaning.

4) bathroom floors - Yup, they are dirty. we know it! did you know that just about everything in a bathroom has fecal matter on it? the floors can get neglected because they "look clean"

5) Mattresses - This is one you probably don't vacuum often but that would certainly help! dust mites are hugely common on on mattresses. when we sleep in our bed we get body oils and sweat on them. one way to prevent this is to use a waterproof mattress cover.

Well thats the list of things we should regularly clean. if you have kids - make them do it! ha!

Do you have anything that should be added to the list?

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